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By: donita riplez
Almost everywhere you go today, you are approached in
some manner about health and physical fitness. The fact
that a large percentage of Americans are considered obese
has helped increase the marketing of diet, physical fitness,
and health products. You'll be reminded of health and
fitness on TV, in magazines, on the radio, the news, at
work, almost everywhere you go you'll see something
about physical fitness.

With all this commotion about fitness, have you joined
the team and started your path to total fitness? If not here
is a brief description of the standards of physical fitness and
what you may do about your current fitness level.

Most experts agree there are five basic components of
fitness. They are:
1)Aerobic Endurance- Your level of aerobic endurance
measures your ability to do moderately strenuous activity
over a period of time. It?s a measurement of how
efficiently your heart and lungs work together to supply
oxygen to your body during exertion and exercise. This
fitness component is also called aerobic fitness.
2) Muscular Endurance- Muscular Endurance measures
your fitness level by your ability to hold a particular position
for a sustained period of time or repeat a movement many
times. One example might be to lift a five-pound weight
20 consecutive times.
3)Muscular Strength- The ability to exert maximum force.
It is possible to have greater muscular strength in one area,
than another. For example, you may have great strength in
your arms, while lacking strength in your legs. One example
might be lifting the heaviest weight you can possibly lift.
4)Flexibility- Flexibility fitness measures the ability to move a
joint through its full range of motion or the elasticity of the
muscle. This is how limber you are.
5)Body Composition- This fitness area measures the
proportion of fat in your body as compared to your bone and
muscle. It does not refer to your weight in pounds or your shape.

If you are weak in any area or need to begin a general overall
fitness plan, there are basically three areas of exercise you should
concentrate upon to make improvements. They are stretching,
aerobic activity, and strength training. Each of these areas is very
important to your overall fitness level. Eating a healthy diet will
also contribute greatly to your overall fitness level.

Remember, it is never too late to improve your fitness level.
Regardless of your physical fitness level, your age, or the length
of time it has been since you last exercised regularly, it?s never
too late to start and maintain a good fitness routine. Your body
is designed to move. If you don't use it, you lose it. It is just
that simple.

About the author:
donita riplez is the owner of
fitness DC
which is a premier resource for fitness information.
for more information, go to

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